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EMHC Schedules
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Extraordinary Ministers Schedules

Please note that Christmas falls on a Sunday this year. If you are scheduled on Saturdays during December, please let me know if you would prefer serving at the 4:00 p.m. or 6:30 p.m. Mass on Christmas Eve. The Sunday Masses are at 8:15 and 11:00 as usual so there will be no change. Thanks for your continued dedication to this ministry.

Just a friendly reminder…It’s been called to our attention recently, that when people are receiving the Eucharist, often they are noticing an overwhelming smell of cologne, or lotion, or taste it on the host. Remember, If you are told you are using too much cologne or lotion, you probably are. Please refrain from using both when distributing the host or cup.

If you are interested in becoming a Mass Coordinator/Weekend Sacristan or if you have any questions about this ministry, please call Terry Nesline – 330-724-1263.

Saturday Mass: 4:30 – 3 host plates/2 cups; Sunday Masses 8:15 and 11:00 – 3 host plates/4 cups.

1. If you cannot serve please find a substitute from the attached list and call Terry at 330-724-1263.
2. Please sign up for a cup or host position before Mass on the clipboard in Room 111.
3. PLEASE NOTE: If Deacon John Amedeo is at the Mass for which you are scheduled, please be aware that he is required to minister one of the cups and serve in the station next to Fr. Pfeiffer.

Extraordinary Ministers for the Infirmed:
Saturday 4:30 PM Sandy Bojo;
Sunday 8:15 AM Tammy Fox;
Sunday 11:00AM Bob Rachel

To see the entire schedule click on the link Extraordinary Ministers Summer/Fall 2016 below

EMHC Names Addresses Fall/Winter 2016 (PDF)

Extraordinary Ministers Fall/Winter 2016 (PDF)

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